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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cameroon Coins

Cameroon Coins

Cambodia old coins

Coins from Cambodia

Cabo Dakhla Coins

Cabo Dakhla Coins

Coins from Cabinda

Coins from Cabinda

coins from Burkina Faso

Coins from Burkina Faso

Bulgaria old coins

Coins from Bulgaria

British Honduras old coins

Coins from British Honduras

Brazil old coins

Old coins from Brazil

Botswana coins

Coins from Botswana

Bosnia and Herzegovina coins

Coins from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bolivia old coins

Old coins from Bolivia

Armenia coins

Coins from Armenia

Argentina old coins

Old coins from Argentina 

Bermuda old coins

Coins from Bermuda

Benin coins

Coins from Benin


Belgium old coins

Old coins from Belgium

Belarus coins

 Coins from Belarus

Barbados old coins

Old coins from Barbados

Bahrain old coins

Coins from Bahrain

Bahamas old coins

Coins  from Bahamas

Azores Coins

Coins from Azores

Azerbaijan coins

Coins of  Azerbaijan

Austria old coins

Austria old coins

Monday, June 25, 2012

Australia old coins

Australia old coins

Algeria coins gallery


DescriptionApproximate price

5 Dinars (1972) FAO silver         $26.04

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Afghanistan coins gallery


DescriptionApproximate price

1 Rupee (AH1322-1329)$14.00

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Currency of the English colonization of India

Introduce you to two currencies of the English colonization of India and the date of the two currencies 1797 

Israeli commemorative coin

Obviously, it's an Israeli commemorative coin, coin silver coated high-gloss, contrary to what appears in the images in gray

Greece coin 1963

State of the Republic Helena

Moldova ... old coin

State : of the Republic of Moldova

Ruler of Oman's dollar ..... 1834

 there a story behind that dollar ,,,,, the  ruler of oman dollar one of the rarest coins in the world ,

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Third most expensive U.S. currency

American coin sold for a nickel in 1913 of $ 3,737,500 is

Most rare rupees .....elephant and pig rupee 1911

And may tend to be minted class Indian Rupee one (1 Rupee) in the era of all kings the British during the direct rule of India and even the independence of India the full year 1947 and since the

polish golden coin ..... more than 140.000 EUR


Some say it's gold coin and the other as a sure medal commemorative

British Trade Dollar

British Trade dollars traded in the period between
(1895-1935). Trading in Singapore and Hong Kong to stop the circulation of silver dollars to other

Description of ancient coins unknown

Many amateurs have currencies unknown and is it possible that currently browsing Amateur all

spanish coin from Sunken ship

A piece of commemorative coins to the ship sank in the Hollandia when it sank with its

golden coins - Kingdom of Korea - before separation

 what you will see is  one of coins belong to Kingdom of Korea before separation , ones of the Rarest of Asian currencies ,

golden coin from ecuador see it

an golden coin from Ecuador , back to year 1845 AD , have two versions :

The Most Rare bronze Coins

what will you gonna see is the most rare bronze coins , and dont dream my friend to have one like this or this because of there no way to have it, and am telling you this and  am sorry because simply it is not for sale and thats coins are :

Queen Orsenauy ll coin

Israeli archaeologists announced that they found a strange golden coin in Lebanese-Israeli border , and they think it back to 2200 AD .

believe or not , one million dollars piece

one of the most beautiful and most of the the most rare piece that one , it is an amoy golden dinar , back to the age of Of the Umayyad dynasty in the time of Caliph Yazid II .