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Saturday, June 23, 2012

British Trade Dollar

British Trade dollars traded in the period between
(1895-1935). Trading in Singapore and Hong Kong to stop the circulation of silver dollars to other
countries due to the breadth of the British colonies. This is known as currency to Ringgit Tongkat in Malaya.

This appeared in China as a result the dollar opium wars (1839-1843, 1856-1860) when China prevented the British from the sale of opium to its citizens, China lost the war and its outcome that opened up many of the British ports, including Hong Kong after the establishment of several foreign banks. Began down of the currencies of silver from around the world to buy tea, silk and porcelain to be shipped abroad. this dollar minted exclusively for circulation in the countries of the Far East, in the face, the first of the coin shows Britannia standing on the beach holds his hand shaft and hand the other shield the British, and a merchant ship appear sails behind him. On the other side of the coin shows Chinese decoration in the middle of the theme of longevity. Written one dollar in Chinese and Malay language on thought (written in Arabic characters), and this one Dolariqtr currency rate 39 mm silver 90% copper and 10%.

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