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Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Most Rare bronze Coins

what will you gonna see is the most rare bronze coins , and dont dream my friend to have one like this or this because of there no way to have it, and am telling you this and  am sorry because simply it is not for sale and thats coins are :

*1 Penny  of Great Britain 1952, confirmed one piece in the world did not coin minted in quantities and not be put to the circulation after the death of King George VI in the same year.


*1 Penny of Great Britain 1933, 6 pieces known in the world, did not come up for trading, have been produced as models to look to get rid of some technical problems that appear in the Instrument.


*1 Penny of Great Britain 1937, the coin is limited known in the world, did not come up for trading, have been produced as models, based on the adoption Stamping later, it is fortunate that currency stepped down King Edward VIII of Britain in the same year he took the British throne 1936.

*1 Penny Australia, issue 1930

 *1 Cent USA Issuance of 1943 , and back its fame that this release was issued consists of  Steel coated with Zinc , But he was released of bronze , that mean the whole piece from bronze , and it is believed that coined from bronze may  be the result of an error , there are remnants of the contents of the bronze in the machine.



  1. Military Challenge Coins
    It is nice to watch the most rare bronze coins because i am going to start them collect.I want to ask from where i can buy?

  2. I have a One Penny as above date 1929? what is the value please?

  3. I have the most rarest bronze medallion. The branham company 1908-1958: 50 years forward in national advertising. This medallion is the only medallion left of this branham company.
    No one even knows how it look nor have a photo to prove it's existence.