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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Description of ancient coins unknown

Many amateurs have currencies unknown and is it possible that currently browsing Amateur all
sites net because it is not logical that there should be a source of a site that was or book containing all the currency and the hardship that includes Search All categories, but has to be initial steps and primary to determine which sections in the sites or reference books possible that the limited research ... Find that any references in the net and books later stage more specialization and to identify any unknown currency as an expert Beginner things you care about has to be a basic knowledge of and recorded by the_ First language or letters or any signs or symbols written on the currency_ Second, classification of any forms or graphics on the currency Aousour Is an animal or a picture of a person or a tree or plant or drawing of inanimate does not reflect the living thingThird, identify any dates or numbers written on the currencyIV _ Currency DesignV. _ if the currencyIt does not matter the type of metal, made him the currency in the case identified may be useful in the case of valuation and pricing, and not a condition there are bronze coins and copper and less than that in the value of the metal reached the price to the amount of more than gold, but may be useful in cases where the same coin coin metals, different though it may have Albroonzoulfdh Awalzhb in this case the advantage in the price of gold Valadeny the lowest, but the general rule in the valuation and pricing of currency scarcity and not the type of metalLet's start with the first step with any currency unknown to try to identify themFirst language or letters there are languages ​​recognizable in the currency Latin, Arab and Asian and Jewish each alphabet distinctive and independent either ancient Indian, Persian and Russian mismatch some letters in common with the Latin and very little with the Arab and characters again, especially with all of them, so to get to know them must rely on photos and there are Babylonian and Assyrian The ancient Egyptian and letters in which like symbols if it is better to have all the fancier table blogger which forms the letters to help to identify the type of currency easily If the letters of the Latin is a European origin if they are not dated are either Greco or Roman or Bezantah or Irish old and if they dated It is often after the fourth century Awav and belong to one of the independent European kingdoms in the Middle Ages and if the characters are either Arab or Muslim before Islam, and so the other characters and move the other currency of the stage and the next stepThe second phase in identifying currency identify any forms or drawings or photos if the currency is not showing the pictures to any people or animals do not Ayhye District animated The currency of a religious nature heavenly either Jewish or Christian or Muslim and represents an era of times the power to influence and the spread of this religion in those region If the paper plant, such as figs or grapes, or the like, or bunch of grapes or a fan-Fine or Palm or any form of inanimate The currency Jewish, even if devoid of any character from the letters of Jewish Hebrew and represents an era of times the power to influence this religion and you can look them in the currency Jewish and that the currency was free of images and the symbols Ksalib or Latin characters or words only code inside a loop or Atarmestder of thorns or collar of leaves vegetable chips olive or crown and there are no pictures The currency Christian Tanysatrh a certain range more emphasis in Christianity, one of the scarcity If the There are pictures of symbols Deignh as Mr. Christ or Adra individually or collectively The currency Christian Orthodox or Catholic, often in the age Albezanty You can look at the currency of the net or elsewhere in the currency Albezantih However, if one of the faceted Cross or writing and the other face of the king The currency Roman Christianity in the century the third century AD and influence of the rule of a Christian Catholic and you said you're looking for in the currency ROMANIAN after the third century and most of those currencies Judaism or Christianity coined in Jerusalem, which has seen a lot of competition in the imposition of religious influence on the region which is what is happening now, but if the currency Arabic characters or like Arabic is interrelated read or tangled line primitive is before Islam and scarcity If the read and the pictures are at the beginning of Islam, and you can look them in the currencies of Alsisanih Arabic or Umayyad and there are very rare of them in Albezanty Arabic or Roman Arabic but it is rare, and if the currency does not have images showing the of double-sided or one of them words meaning was, or Muslim states are the currency of the era of the ages of force in Islam and is limited to the currency in the Middle Ages between the Umayyad to the Mamluk and here you need the currency to another stage for more knowledge if they are not Bkadima very blog from both sides in writing the names of sultans or kings, free currency of any state or words Islamic and free of the images is Ottoman and you can look them in the Ottoman and increases you confirm the date listed on it, and the currency free from any letters recognizable or fees advanced and it forms a simple or primitive in the written Kasy or rings or the like The currency BCCharacteristics of currencies Albezantih1_ language or Latin characters used in the sense of origin such as letters English and European2_ on the back of currency is often written letter Epittal may be a single character has up to 3 characters combined and most of the letters AlcapittalM or K or P or XThe letter M which is often characterized the empire has no capital letters and other written Eapittal interspersed ribs lowercase letter or signs of a religious, mostly Christian3_ a sign of the cross + characteristic of the religion of the empire to Christianity Albezantih some currencies4_ often on the obverse image of the king or the king and queen side by side but not the side that you can sense from the perspective of image to see the eyes, face, and even the whole pupil in the eye most of its currency5_ Bust is mostly down to the level of post-show neck, chest and jewel decorations and royal dress, and sometimes the picture is incomplete longitudinal6_ currency Albezantih is not on the high degree of perfection, either in the instrument or design or draw a picture of the King seems facial features drawn in a simple primitive and letters written in prosaic if compared to the currencies Greek or Romanian or Phoenician, this is the view of analysts that the state Albezantih Christianity they belong of the Orthodox community, which is dominated by militancy in any non-graphic features of a living strictly up to the point imaging7_ currency and a round of gold or silver or bronze or copper, gold coins and beat this reflects the economic situation they were in the country8_ hanging from the helmet or crown pendants of the head extends on both sides of the face covering the ears and up to the level of post-neck9_ overcome some of the graphics Currency religious character of the ruler of the most committed to the church, including the rare, which shows a picture of Christ or the Virgin Mary surrounded the head aura semi-circular symbol of the illuminating and sanctifying rather than the king's image recognition Bahakathma Balofot may find coins showing the king as well, one blessing by theThese are some of the main features of the currency and Albezantih members can add another recipe did not mention ... And so does not address the issue in a construction Amateur please see the Forum archaeological Currency Currency Albeazantih section where he can match the images of currencies topicI hope the board administrator if honors Link added to facilitate the reader to understand and address currency AlbezantihTopic are complete and easy and you all thanksCharacteristics of Greek coins1_ writing letters is the most characteristic of Greek coins, where I wrote the first Latin letters BC by the development which is the origin of English letters, European, and similar thereto .. As the oldest of the Greek and Romanian Albzantah The letters less developed them and you in writing that the reduction in writing on any Greco-old currency to afflict those important point, which helps a lot to distinguish from the rest of Greek coins ancient coins, which I wrote the same language Latin2_ often be writing on the back of any currency on one side of the coin and the letters scattered in the middle and not arranged on the frame3_ on the face of the currency in which the image of the King rarely Matjd writing, especially in BC Greek coins were found on the coins near the end of the Greek state, where currencies have become more sophisticated and find the writing on the side and I find it part of the currency is often the right side4_ currency often round but irregular circular incision population shows no sign of slitting and circular frame on uneven currency Sometimes approaching the edge of the currency and fading on the other side and in the old currency sign appears very mintage near the center where the process of minting coins more primitive5_ on the face of currency in the Currency shows the Greek king's face often fills the huge two-thirds of the coin, sometimes running into more and ends with the neck does not extend to the bottom of them and most of the pictures look to the right side6_ often appear wavy or thick hair curly Kedzrihh characteristic of the kings of the Greeks7_ features Alojhmrsomh graphically features carefully defined and expressive, but it is not up to Adakkhalty the Romanian currency, including the most sophisticated8_ appear accurately drawn the eyes look like a genuine and realistic like the picture reflect the wisdom or outlook confidence or reverse the Romanian currency, which appear to challenge the pride and9_ crown forms or pointed edges serrate or horns on the sides or Greek helmet, a square or rectangular lateral perspective on the currency has the sense to find helmet horizontal from the top of the head and straight down on both sides of the face and neck10_ sometimes surrounds Cape Baromany bar-like hair, but it seems as we have said corrugated and more dense and long and this Maemezh for Roman11_ pictures on the back of rates for some birds of prey and strong like a hawk and eagle, owl and often have large size of the bird standing tall and strong12 - There may be one of the animals on the back like a bull or a horse, which is characterized by large and AalqohThese are some of the main qualities that can be able to experience the Currency ancient Greek, if applicable, one of them or some of them on the currency they are Greek, so if you can determine the type of currency, in which case you can search for them in exchange Greek on any site of the currencies of archaeological depending on the form image to get the name of the currency specifically and the name of the king and the date of issue ... You can continue to look at other sites ... If not find a Greek coin compatibility or her approach and the characteristics of the Greek currency applies, is made of anecdotes, but this after a long search, and certain versions of each exchange Greek BlogFor more knowledge about the Greek currency images and match them to facilitate the explanation for you on this forum you can visit the Forum archaeological currencies, including the guide to the subject of currency in the GreekPlease check out the board administrator to add a link in the Guide to the Greek currency to facilitate the reader is fine and DemtemCharacteristics of the Romanian currencyRomanian currency is the currency of the most elaborate and wonderful old in design ... It is also more sophisticated in the art of drawing and writing .. So you look at the Romanian currency no matter how small size find facial features drawn so neatly be described as a three-dimensional ... Even if the drawing of the entire body to find beauty and perfection embodiment ... The use of the Latin alphabet in writing was more sophisticated and easier to read data in the currency and translated for the primitive, which is written in Greek currency ... The currency is the title and proof of what has reached that reflects the progress of civilization, the greatness of that empire the old ...Romanian currency and vary in sizes depending on the categories of large and medium Bahjammeh Bahjammeh and very small, the latest Romanian Empire where increased development ... They also vary in the type of metal, including gold, silver, bronze, copper, and sometimes ... The Romanian currency is known that the most ancient coins and widespread presence is due to this reason the first two important factors that Alambratoriaalromagnh arrived from the breadth of its influence so pervaded their mandates each country, which lies on the Mediterranean ... Even the Mediterranean Sea was called in old maps lake Romanian (ROMANIAN LAKE) .... and even expanded the empire to the depths in Europe, starting from Rome, Italy, ancient even included most of European countries to Britain, the old and crossed to Africa and has expanded from Mauritania and North Africa to Egypt and Sinai and North Arabia and the land of Sham and went to the country's Caspian Sea was the greatest empire in terms of the breadth of its influence, its area and the large number of mandates .. Second, the Romanian Empire stretched for up to a thousand years of the third century BC to the sixth century AD .. Despite the demise of the states have near their ends, but it was able to retain Balqil until the eleventh century AD ... Cat and every state governor has followed the Roman Caesar in Rome ... Tsk and currency on behalf of the state and the Governor and the name of Caesar and the period of his content and the name of the Crown ... This is the reason for the large number and diversity of the Romanian currency ... You do not Ikq this will or value of some currencies, but up to the value of the astronomical prices for their rarity and value in the history of the Romanian Empire .. Reared you and begin to explain the characteristics of the Currency and the light of knowledge1 _ most currencies find a picture of the king on the face looks to the right side and always stand out in the nose and the greatness of Hmokh2 _ Lee Rbaz head hanging back like linking Pfyunch on the back of the cervical3_ find sometimes serrate crown of it or its projections to the top and often simple Matalps queens crown covers part of the head of Bsak forward4_ haircut ROMANIAN very special especially on the forehead (like the short story)5 _ writing letters to write, mostly Latino and Capital6_ write data currency Whether the name of the ruler and the Tsar, state and other writing on the coin in a circle surrounding the king or general, from the front and rear7 _ always show facial features with a focus in PolyPhonic to draw on the insights that seem Alaah Hadhfaha strength and challenge and prideThe background of the coin1 _ the time of warriors and wars of the Romanian State Hofterh Altosabh of the second century BC to third century AD .. And find a picture of a soldier or a knight or warrior .. And sometimes more than one .. And be standing there holding a stick or a sword or something .. Or struggling Knight or another animal ...2 _ sometimes find two extended, however, as a symbol of peace or other Mhahdh3 _ pictures of animals, mostly horses dragging a vehicle .. Or a lion or a gazelle, or bull, and only rarely the face of a horse, for example4_ picture of a government building in Rome or to the shortThen the features of currencies after the Romans converted to Christianity at the beginning of the third century5 - Cross the background you find on the inside loop6 _ or writing inside the collar round of olive leaves or thorns or hollow symbol of the collar of Jesus Christ, who placed him on the head during his trial as you think Christianity7 _ a drawing of a person or more, or a horse with wings wings

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