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Saturday, June 23, 2012

believe or not , one million dollars piece

one of the most beautiful and most of the the most rare piece that one , it is an amoy golden dinar , back to the age of Of the Umayyad dynasty in the time of Caliph Yazid II .
an for sure it the most  Rarest currencies , cause that dinar is the The oldest currency in the Hijaz , that why it is very important , addition to that it the first golden Currency locally  known in hijaz .
Do not be surprised dear if i said that piece more than 1  million , yes dear the owner of that piece he said " i bought the dinar from some one with 10 thousand dollars and discovered that the piece equal more that price when some one offered him to bought with million dollars  but he refused to sell it.
the coins stamped in Hijaz  in 105 AH, ant they called at hijaz at that time "Metal faithful" .
at the last that piece is the rarest islamic coins ever in my opinion. 


after that beautiful piece comes another old islamic Currencies similar  to the previous coin like the next one:

that is jd (dinar) back to the Fatemi age , in the time of Caliph al-Mustansir in at 450 AH, and that piece equal about  400,000 dollar , one of the rarest .


thats beautiful piece back to the State Alakhchidah  , Specifically at time of abo el mesk kafour and its value about  350,000 dollars , stamped in Mecca  at 357 AH.


this piece is an JD parsed Byzantine-style , at the time of  the Umayyad dynasty ,Specifically at time of Caliph Abdul Malik bin Marwan and that piece equal about 200,000 dollar. back to 74 ,72 AH. considered one of beautiful pieces.


AED (dirham) silver back to the time of The Abbasid at time Caliph al-Radi back to about 325  AH , Of the finest and most beautiful coins of the Islamic cause of its Decorative design is unusual in the currencies Abbasid that why the pice is A unique , and the piece equal about 120,000 dollar .

at the end that information of  Best Islamic coins ever and most rare of them . thanks for reading.

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